2017 Business of Achievement Nomination


NOMINATIONS DUE Sept 18th at 5:00

The YWCA of Olympia seeks to celebrate outstanding businesses for our annual Women of Achievement Gala on Friday, November 10, 2017.  We are searching for nominations from employers that are actively working to create a more equitable workplace. We encourage nominations for both private and public businesses and large and small companies in the South Sound (Thurston, Mason & Lewis Counties). Employers can be nominated or can nominate themselves

We are seeking businesses, employers and agencies who reflect the YWCA Olympia mission to eliminate racism and sexism to advance the political, social and economic status of all women and girls. Honored nominees could be considered based on a number of additional criteria that have been identified by the YWCA Workplace Equity Initiative. These criteria have been tested and shown to increase gender equity in the workplace. It is NOT necessary to fit all of these categories or strategies, these are only examples. 

Employer-Led Strategies

Workplace Flexibility (Examples: Offers paid family leave, offers onsite or subsidized childcare, offers child care referral or back-up child care services, offers breast-feeding support, creates programs that confer employee schedule control, including flex programs, trains managers to manage a flexible workforce)

Senior Representation (Examples: Mentors and sponsors women for leadership positions, provides support to move women up the talent pipeline, actively recruits women to executive level and board positions, includes women on senior search committees, achieves equitable gender representation on compensation committees)

Organizational Culture (Examples: Demonstrates that gender & racial diversity is a high priority, offers training to acknowledge and overcome implicit bias, publishes policies that foster an inclusive culture)

Hiring (Examples: Creates an initial applicant screening that is free of gender and racial bias, seeks diversity in the applicant pool and evaluates candidates as a pool, enlists diverse evaluators in hiring)

Negotiations (Examples: Conducts regular compensation evaluations for employees of all levels, conducts negotiation training for employees and managers)

Performance Evaluation (Examples: Regularly trains managers on conducting bias-informed performance evaluations, publishes employee performance philosophy in an easily accessible manner)

Strategies that Encourage Future Gender Equity

College Majors & Career Path (Examples: Exposes young girls to STEM careers, the trades and other fields where they are underrepresented, connects young women to female role models, mentors and sponsors in fields where they are underrepresented, supports the expansion of STEM high school and college courses, recruits female faculty to tenure track positions in fields where they are underrepresented, supports initiatives and programs which expose young women to diverse female role models, demonstrates women engaged in non-traditional jobs), supports outreach and training for women in STEM, the trades and other fields where they are underrepresented, creates recruiting initiatives for women in underrepresented fields)

Entrepreneurship (Examples: Seeks gender and racial diversity among investment partners, showcases successful women entrepreneurs, designs incubators and co-working spaces to support entrepreneurs with families)

NOMINATIONS DUE Sept 18th at 5:00

There are several ways to nominate a 2017 BUSINESS of Achievement:

  • Complete the below (RECOMMENDED) 
  • Send a request for the Nomination Form in Word to WOA@ywcaofolympia.org and return to WOA Selection Committee, 220 Union Ave SE, Olympia, WA  98501 or email to WOA@ywcaofolympia.org

*Please note: All information contained in this nomination will remain confidential.

Selection: A confidential committee whose members include previous Business of Achievement and/or Women of Achievement award recipients will select the honorees, who will be notified on or around September 20. 



If you plan to submit a nomination, but are unable to do so at this time, send an email to WOA@ywcaofolympia.org and we'll send reminders to you!

1.  It is STRONGLY suggested that you prepare your nomination in a Word (or other word processing form) before completing the online form. Simply COPY & PASTE to the online form before submitting your nomination. 

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