Girls Programs Registration Forms

There are two (2) ways to sign up for our programs....:

1.  Download the Registration Form in PDF, complete and return to the YWCA. 

2.  Complete the Registration Form Online below (PREFERRED)


1.  Do not use the Return key until you are ready to submit the Registration Form.  Use the Tab key until you are ready to submit. When ready to submit, hit Return.  

2.  If you have submitted your Registration correctly you will receive a confirmation message on the screen.

3.  If you experience any problems with this website, please send a message to Cherie at (360) 352-0593 or

All individuals driving youth are fully covered by the YWCA's insurance policy and have taken a defensive driving course.
I give permission for publication of photos/videos of my child/children (or person for whom I am legal guardian) in publications produced by the YWCA of Olympia including but not limited to the agency website, social media accounts (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), e-newsletters, donor/sponsor materials, videos, and media releases. I understand that my child will not be paid any royalties or other compensation, and I give up any and all rights my child may have to payment if our/my photo/video is published. Further, refusal to consent to photos/video will in no way affect the services and/or benefits my child may receive/access. If I have any questions or wish to withdraw my consent in the future, I can do so at any time by contacting the YWCA of Olympia. By clicking the checkbox above, I agree to this consent.