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Statement from YWCA of Olympia CEO Hillary Soens in regards to shootings in Olympia

Short Video Summary of Interpersonal vs Systemic Racism 

From Girls Circle: History of Abuse Seen in Many Girls In Juvenile System

The Pathway to STEM Careers by Joan Wages, President & CEO, National Women's History Museum 

The Olympian Op-Ed (04/21/15) by CEO HIllary Soens about Girls Circle

Suggested viewing from the GWOL! Team: "Code: Debugging the Gender Gap", a documentary that aims to make sense of the dearth of women in computer science. 

Women's Funding Alliance Report: The Status of Women in Washington: Forging Pathways to Leadership & Economic Opportunity

GirlTrends & Economic Opportunity from the Girl Scouts of Western Washington 

The 5 Bias Pushing Women out of STEM

Book: How Girls Thrive by JoAnn Deak

Why Black History Month Must Be Intersectional

Closing the Wage Gap (The City of Boston)

Why the Fight for Equal Pay Matters

A Guide to Financial Independence for Women-The Simple Dollar 

Interesting reading about adding liberal arts education to STEM from our GWOL! Team

Gender pay gap narrows a bit in Washington State....but still 33rd? 

Great reading for girls interested In becomming an engineer

Meeting the feminine hygine needs of homeless women

The gender gap in political ambition starts early

White House Fact sheet: Expanding access to earned sick days & the Healthy Families Act

Pay Equity: How Long? 

The Women's Leadership Gap

What leading feminists want to accomplish in 2015 

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