Rise Against Racism 2020! REGISTRATION CLOSED!

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Rise Against Racism 2020! REGISTRATION CLOSED!

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REGISTRATION CLOSED! With the many changes due to the coronavirus, many of us have the privilege of staying home to keep others safe. We believe that uncertainty in this moment can be an opportunity to grow our awareness of how folks who don’t share our privileges are impacted every day. As this pandemic unfolds, we are seeing more clearly than ever how systemic racism functions within our society. This moment offers an opportunity to commit more deeply to living our values by engaging in anti-racism work.

We are excited to invite you to join us for Rise Against Racism: 2 Weeks of Action, our first event in the 2020 Racial Justice Event series. Over 2 weeks, this free, virtual campaign will help participants learn about anti-racism, get clear on their personal, actionable anti-racism goals, and participate in a learning community focused around social justice. We will be unpacking dominant culture norms that often show up as barriers to meaningful social justice and anti-racism work. This is a powerful opportunity to use this moment of stillness and reflection that many of us are experiencing to plant seeds for the change that we so desperately need as a human community.

Participation will include:

  • Daily learnings for reflection and self-guided practices, sent to you via email newsletter.
  • You will be asked to submit responses to the material through an online self-assessment survey. Your confidential responses will be collected by the YWCA team in preparation for a full-group webinar.
  • We will hold a Closing RAR Webinar for all participants on Saturday, May 2nd. The webinar will open a space for discussion around our learning journey as individuals, and share our personal action plans for accountability and relationship building.

The Nuts and Bolts:

  • Participants need an email address and access to the internet to access the materials.
  • Learning materials selected for RAR may contain viewing a short slide show, listening to a podcast, or reading a handout.
  • Expect the daily learning materials portion to take about 30 minutes of your time. The daily self-assessment is part of your learning and growth experience and also an opportunity for YWCA to tailor the Webinar to best support the participants.

By the end of Rise Against Racism (RAR), you will not only be better equipped to participate in dismantling racism, but you will create a personal action plan to keep you accountable to your commitment to anti-racism work.

This is a free program for adults and older teens.