We’re Recruiting Board Members. Join Us!

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We’re Recruiting Board Members. Join Us!

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 Message from YWCA Olympia Board: 

“Join Us!”

We are seeking people to serve on the YWCA Olympia Board. You do not need a background in organizational governance or board work. You do, however, need to be deeply committed to being part of an active and conscientious team that, through shared leadership and collective decision-making, is pushing to advance equity in our community. Does this sound like you or someone you know? If so, please visit our Board of Directors Info and Application document here: YWCA Olympia 2021 Board Recruitment Materials

Who we are:

Over the past several years, YWCA Olympia has worked hard to align our programs and our organizational culture with our central focus of Intersectional Racial Justice. Through this process, an organizational shift toward more collective decision making and shared leadership has been seeded and new programs have been established. The staff and the board of directors have worked collaboratively to update YWCA’s strategic direction and the organization’s core values:

  • Centering Black and Indigenous Womxn and Womxn of Color
  • People Over Systems
  • Accountability
  • Collective Care

Messages from Current Board Members:

“Serving on the YWCA Olympia Board has allowed me to use my strengths to support this amazing organization and the community. I’ve built incredible friendships and continually grow skills for a life-long commitment to Racial Justice.” – Elisa Sparkman, board member since 2018

“Being on the YWCA board is not a typical ‘nonprofit board’ experience. It is an extraordinary privilege to witness and participate in an organization that constantly strives for accountability, and whose every decision is generated through norms and values that reinforce individual and collective well-being.” Stacie-Dee Motoyama, board member since 2019