Intercultural Foundations

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Intercultural Foundations

Shifting Culture & Building Inclusive Communities

We equip you with skills, tools, and knowledge to shift your organization’s culture towards true equity and inclusion.

By healing the traumas of systemic oppression, we transform ourselves, our work and our communities.

A woman with a scarf and earrings on places a post-it note on a white board full of writing, with the words "minimization" and "conflict styles" visible.

Current Program Offerings

Intercultural Foundations Community Institute Logo

The Community Institute is a cohort-based community education opportunity from YWCA Olympia.

Are you interested in building inclusivity, social justice, and accountability into your professional work?

Are you a person who needs to minimize your beliefs or identity to navigate your workplace? 

Do you want to be more connected and build solidarity with other people in social justice movements?

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Community Institute.

Zoom Screenshot with a presentation slide of the "cultural iceberg," showing subjective culture traits below the water and objective culture traits above the water. Four faces on the ride side are watching.

As your organization works to build a culture of inclusion and equity, ask:

Who is at the table?

Which voices are being heard?

What needs are being centered?

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