Intercultural Foundations

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Intercultural Foundations

Shifting Culture & Building Inclusive Communities

We equip you with skills, tools, and knowledge to shift your organization’s culture towards true equity and inclusion.

By healing the traumas of systemic oppression, we transform ourselves, our work and our communities.

Program Offerings

Organizational Assessment: Qualitative Equity Assessment - What do folks need to feel comfortable and valued in their unique identity at work? Our Qualitative Equity Assessment gives a comprehensive picture of the culture around equity and inclusion in your organization. Offered alone or in combination with the IDI. Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) - How do we approach cultural difference in the workplace? The IDI is a cross-culturally validated tool that generates a group profile to understand our orientation toward processing cultural differences. Offered in combination with the Qualitative Equity Assessment.

Community Institute: A cohort-based community education opportunity that represents a deep commitment to learning and growth. This 16-month program focuses on Intersectional Race Equity, Healing in Community, and Cultural Humility. Participants will be equipped with skills and practices to foster social equity in their work. CLICK to learn more about the Community Institute.

Staff Training Workshop Series: A series of workshops covering cultural humility and anti-oppression topics. Organizational Development Toolkits and Consulting: Providing tools and support to center equity in your organizational structure.

As your organization works to build a culture of inclusion and equity, ask:

Who is at the table?

Which voices are being heard?

What needs are being centered?

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