Intercultural Foundations Community Institute

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The Intercultural Foundations Community Institute will build capacity in the Salish Sea area for deep engagement in race equity and social justice work. 

Are you interested in building inclusivity, social justice, and accountability into your professional work?

Are you a person who needs to minimize your beliefs or identity to navigate your workplace?

Do you want to be more connected and build solidarity with other people in social justice movements?

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We can’t radically shift policies or our culture unless we begin to dismantle the ways that white supremacy culture and racism are operating within our bodies, our hearts and our minds.

We can no longer maintain the status quo.

The Community Institute will create a network of community members in the Salish Sea area who are deeply committed to fostering social change through their work, both personally and professionally. The Institute will equip participants with skills and practices in these key areas of learning and development:

  • Intersectional Race Equity: An approach to social justice issues that views all forms of oppression, and their antidotes, as interconnected
  • Healing in Community: Recognize systemic oppression as trauma, whether we are over or under-valued by those systems, and that creating community fosters healing
  • Racial Identity Based Caucusing and Community Building: Supporting healing, growth and accountability in smaller groups of individuals with shared lived experience and identity.

We will be offering two virtual cohorts in 2022 to support deep commitment to anti-racist learning and growth in our community. 

Cohort 3
Starts on February 17, 2022 – Click Here for the full schedule and curriculum outline.

Cohort 3 is designed for people with hierarchical decision making power, such as Directors, CEOs, and elected officials. We believe in examining and dismantling centralized power as a tool for liberation. This learning opportunity will support accountability and skill building for leaders working for race equity and change. As a participant in this cohort, we encourage you to consider sending some employees to participate in Cohort 4 as well to foster multi-level learning in your organization. 


Cohort 4
Starts on April 7, 2022 – Click Here for the full schedule and curriculum outline.

Cohort 4 is designed for direct service employees, managers, and leaders involved in collective decision-making interested in fostering organizational and grassroots change. We invite both individuals and groups of folks from Thurston County-based organizations to come together to build skills, coalition and accountability for anti-racism and liberation work. We believe that power is not just power over, through hierarchy and traditional structures of decision making, but also the power of the collective to dismantle oppression and work for true liberation. This cohort is designed to support and nurture the power we have together to make change from the ground up. 

click here to register for cohort 4

Program Model 

Areas of focus will include:

Racial Justice, Healing Justice, Disability Justice, Gender Justice, Economic Justice, Accountability, & Trauma-Informed Care.

We will utilize practices and tools such as:

  • Intercultural Development Inventory assessment and development plan
  • Deep community-building
  • Mindfulness and Somatics
  • Storytelling
  • Identity-based caucus groups
  • Working with community-based organizations
  • YWCA Anti-Racist Norms
  • One-on-one mentorship on your personal development with the Intercultural Foundations team
  • Trusting folks’ capacity to grow, heal, and do better


  • Build community with folks who are committed to working for race equity and justice within institutions that are deeply ingrained in systems of oppression.
  • Ability to identify and address the trauma of oppression with culturally relevant healing practices.
  • Participants bring their skills and learning back to their organization, sector, etc, and create more buy-in for deep equity work as a key aspect of organizational development.
  • Create a community toolkit for social justice work that can be utilized to support responding to incidents of discrimination and injustice.


“Participating in an extended training series put on by YWCA Olympia called Intercultural Foundations was one of the most powerful experiences I have had my in 10 years working in social services. This training course changed my personal and professional life in so many ways. I learned, in a new real way, the immense power of listening to and implementing the solutions people have for themselves.”

“A wealth of resources to continue to draw from, questions to ask myself and also leaders in my community, relationships I will continue to carry with me.”

“THANK YOU!!! You facilitated with love and authenticity, and I appreciate all of the heart and soul you put into this cohort and learning community.”

“This was very impactful and hearing from others in our community and making connections was amazing. I am taking a great deal with I learned so much and will continue to this life long work and continue to grow. My own personal work, community, agency, peer work will [continue]”


The fee for participation in the Community Institute is $5000.

$5,000 program fee covers:

  • 90 minute One-on-one session with a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory that explores your personal journey in anti-racism and intercultural development work, including personalized recommendations for your growth and learning.
  • 12 Monthly 3 hour intensive workshops covering a range of social justice topics, centering on race equity. Workshops include educational content as well as equip participants with skills for engaging across different identities.
    ~$350 per workshop
  • Access to monthly Learning Community space where participants have an opportunity to get support from peers in leadership around specific challenges they are facing in their role.
    ~$50 per session

If this price is a financial hardship for your organization, we are able to offer a limited number of sliding scale rates:

  • $5,000 – Org Budget of $1,000,000 and above
  • $3,800 – Org Budget of $500,000 – $999,000
  • $2,500 – Org Budget of $499,000 and under

Organizations sending 2 or more participants: After 1 full price registration, additional registrations will be billed at $2,500 per participant.

If you are registering for Cohort 4 as an individual paying out of pocket, we offer the following sliding scale:

  • Full price: $5,000 – For those with more than enough resources to live comfortably. This tier is for you if you regularly take vacation travel and have investments. Selecting this amount will allow another individual to register at the Supported Price.
  • Supported Price: $2,500 – For those with mostly stable income or resources; you are generally able to pay your bills, etc.
  • Solidarity Price: $900 – For those with currently limited resources who will avoid further hardship while still accessing this program.
  • I need more options – additional support is available on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to explore the options.

A payment plan of 3 payments over 6 months is also available as needed.


Questions? email