20 Days & Ways of Giving 2018

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20 Days & Ways of Giving 2018

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We receive SO many calls this time of year asking how you can support YWCA. For the next few weeks we will be highlighting some options…

Day 7: Speaking of social media, Did you know that Facebook has a way for YOU to set up a donation page? And the fees are covered so every $ donated comes to YWCA!

Day 6: Follow us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….share our posts, share YOUR Y-Story. Join us using our hashtags for #GiveLocalSPS, #GivingTuesday, #StandAgainstRacism, #YWCAdvocates, #YWCALeadership, #YWCArchiveProject and more. Inspired or angry about something we post? Like it, share it with your comments.

Day 5: Are you a Fred Meyer customer? Did you know that you can link your Rewards Card directly to YWCA Olympia? You can direct your donation while picking up veggies and bread!  #EV227 is our number or you can look us up by our name….and you can link your Reward Card HERE!

Day 4: Attend our next YWCA Volunteer Orientation on January 29th! Click to RSVP!

Day 3: We are proud to be part of the Washington State Combined Fund Drive! Our CFD #0315497 can be used for your generous check or payroll deduction.

Day 2:  Ask your friends and colleagues to join you!  Instead of birthday, shower or other occasion gifts, how about asking everyone to make a donation to YWCA Olympia instead? One of our 2018 favorites? Soup Nights! A Holiday Party, perhaps? You can collect donations and bring to YWCA and we’d love to give you a tour while you are here! Your guests could also donate online as well.

Day 1: YWCA is featured in this year’s The Olympian annual listing of organization needs. We have 10 participants on this list. Are you able to help? We are open Mon-Thurs 9-4 and we’d love to see you.