Announcing Our 2021 Racial Justice Event Series

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Announcing Our 2021 Racial Justice Event Series

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YWCA Olympia: A Center for Healing in Community, Antiracist Education and Participant-Led Advocacy.

We are excited to launch the 2021 Racial Justice Event Series.  YWCA Olympia wants to engage the community in an ongoing process of learning and action around how to dismantle racism and other intersecting forms of oppression. Through workshops, speakers, arts events and more, we will explore individual and institutional practices that nurture true inclusion and uproot harm. 

We believe that our collective movement toward an anti-racist culture in Olympia requires that we lean into an ongoing, lifelong commitment with our whole hearts and minds.  YWCA Olympia invites the community to share this commitment through regular opportunities that will increase our individual and collective awareness of race and racism and support our mutual growth.  We are asking the community to join us in this process of shifting learning into practice by participating in YWCA’s Racial Justice Event Series.

What are the goals of the RJ Event Series? YWCA’s Racial Justice Event Series will broaden support for racial justice work in Thurston County while building clarity and purpose for a community-wide shared vision of justice and inclusion. We hope to do this by increasing individual and collective awareness of white supremacy culture norms and deepen our knowledge of how interlocking systems of oppression can be addressed through racial justice work. Through this increased awareness, we hope to support the cultivation of solidarity across our community’s wide range of identities, concerns, and strategies for anti-oppression.

The Summit Series will do this by providing regular, on-going opportunities for the community to engage in education and reflection, to be inspired by work taking place here in our own community and beyond, and to learn new skills that put our values of inclusivity and justice into action. 

Please Join Us.