Justice for Timothy Green

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Justice for Timothy Green

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There are no words or wisdom we can give in this moment of grief for the death of Timothy Green. We center those most impacted by this and highlight their wishes and words:

“On August 22, 2022, Timothy Joshua Green was shot by the Olympia Police Department Officers, in the midst of dealing with a mental health episode. Tim was a 37-year-old Black male and also a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. He came from a large family who loved him dearly. He was a Son, a Brother, and a Father. Tim’s family will miss him dearly and are still in disbelief hearing about his death. Tim had ongoing mental health issues that made his life difficult at times.

“He was known by family and friends for his charisma – he had a soft smile that could lighten the room. He was caring and had an intuitive nature to always help those around him. He was always finding ways to make those around him laugh and would tell infinite jokes to make anyone’s day better. Tim also had a big heart and loved helping others. He had a sensitive spot for children and animals too. He was known for reaching out to his community by ministering the love of God. He was always lending a helping hand to the homeless with food donations and other charities.

“He had an honest approach to situations in life by always calling things how he saw them. He had a passion for music and wanted to expand on his musical talents.
“As a family, we have dreaded the possibility that Tim would meet this very outcome. We have read the accounts of other individuals in mental health crises. We know that people who have mental health issues are at a higher risk of being killed by police and this is even more so for Black men like Tim. We have lived with the fear and a deep understanding of the vulnerability of Tim and others like Tim. We have supported reforms to police training and accountability that should protect the lives of people like our son, Tim.

“We call for full transparency and independence in the investigation into the death of Tim Green. We also want a full accounting for the laws and policies that are required. Only until then can we inch closer towards a measure of justice.
“We stand by, and lean on, all other families around this state and throughout this country who have experienced this tragedy before us. We are a family of faith who believes in the love of God. We ask the community for their full understanding to respect our privacy at this time.

“As a family we are also asking for any prayers at this time. May death’s destructive power dwindle to nothing in the face of Christ’s love working in and through us for the full glory of God.
Our family asks for privacy and is not available for any interviews.”

Artwork by Tali Economy 2022