YWCA Olympia is a non-profit, multi-service organization that has served girls, womxn and families since 1945.  Today, YWCA Olympia is focused on our mission of eliminating racism and sexism to advance the social, political, and economic status of all womxn and girls.  All of our activities  place the leadership and wisdom of Womxn of Color at the center.  We do this while also seeking to engage people of all genders, races, classes and abilities in the collective work of the YWCA’s vision: All People are valued, live free from oppression, and thrive in a just society.  Our core strategies that anchor all program spaces and support ongoing organizational development are community building, education, and participant-led advocacy.  Through these strategies we intend to: 1. Create spaces that support individual and collective healing from the traumas of racialized and gender-based violence; 2. Shift culture away from white supremacy toward fully inclusive, anti-racist, multiculturalism; and 3. Influence institutional change in Thurston County spaces to interrupt, and ultimately dismantle, systemic oppression.

Aligned with these strategies and intentions, YWCA facilitates programs for youth, adults, and the community.  These include Youth Council, Girls Without Limits!, Girls Advocacy & Impact Network, Womxn’s Economic Empowerment, Communities in Action, Intercultural Foundations and the Intercultural Foundations Community Institute.

YWCA Olympia acknowledges the Indigenous People of the Medicine Creek Treaty, whose land was stolen and on which the Kearney House, home of YWCA Olympia since 1948, stands. We acknowledge the Puget Sound Salish People and Sahewamish Tribe who are the traditional custodians of this land. We also honor the Nisqually Tribe and Squaxin Island Tribe and pay respect to elders past and present and we extend that respect to other Native People who enter our building, and we express our hope that the land is one day returned to its rightful stewards.