YWCA Olympia has served girls, womxn and their families in the South Sound since 1945. The agency has worked tirelessly to change history, resulting in significant impact – from civil rights to women’s rights, from advocacy for women’s health care to an end to violence against women and girls. We accomplish this by providing direct service to individuals, educating the community on relevant issues, and conducting advocacy to promote systemic change. YWCA Olympia’s mission is to eliminate racism and sexism to advance the social, political, and economic status of all women and girls. Our vision is a world where all people are valued, live free from oppression and thrive in a just society.

While YWCA engages all individuals, our programming prioritizes women and families who are low-income, women and girls of color, gender nonconforming folks who experience sexism, and individuals in the community who have historically been marginalized. Through our programs and services, the YWCA serves over 13,000 individuals annually, 80% of whom are women.  Additionally, several of our programs support young women, with 300 girls between the ages 10 to 17, served each year.  YWCA Olympia has a rich tradition of leadership and strategic problem solving that spans our 70+ year history. Historically, YWCA Olympia has served as an incubator having started local programs such SafePlace, the Rape Relief Center, and the Refugee Center, which all began at our organization. Nationally, the YWCA has a long history of promoting equity in the areas of politics, health care, employment and racial justice. In Olympia, our approach is multi-faceted, offering programs and services for women, girls and gender nonconforming folks who are marginalized, engaging in advocacy and community training to promote systemic change, and educating the larger community on relevant issues. YWCA Olympia activities and programs are aligned with our three strategic platform areas: Economic Advancement, Health & Safety, and Racial Justice.